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2012 Puts the 'E' in E3 & eStore


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Electronic Motor Fuel Tax Reporting. Electronic Price Quotes. Wholesale Dispatching e-mailed to haulers. ADD eStore™ in the stores interfaced directly to POS devices. Credit Cards automatically charged for budget payments (and more). The list goes on but nearly everything ADD Systems has done in 2011 and will do in 2012 is charged with the ‘E’ for the electronic exchange of information, and the efficiencies that come with it.

Take Wholesale Dispatching in ADD Energy E3® 2012. Not only does this component make sure you choose appropriate haulers, supply locations and suppliers for your orders, it can also automatically push those dispatching requests out to the haulers via e-mail. And to help you dispatch your orders to the best combination of hauler, supplier, and supply location, many important parameters are taken into consideration. These include product availability, best buy logic, the customer’s preferences for hauler and supplier, and even a color-coded indication as to whether a potential dispatching decision will result in a profitable transaction.

Electronic Price Quoting (aka ePrice Quotes) functionality will give you a competitive advantage by automatically, and electronically, sending out price quotes to your customers. Even mid-day price changes (received via DTN) can be detected and automatically e-mailed to customers and prospects at your discretion. Each sales representative in your organization has control over and exclusive access to their own quotes, even to the point of letting them configure custom messages to be included in the e-mailed quotes. For companies covering a wide geographical area, ePrice Quotes allows for the definition of “Pricing Markets,” discrete combinations of Supply Locations and Hauler Offices. By assigning a Pricing Market to a customer location, you guarantee that the ePrice Quoting module will only present realistic quotes that can be profitably fulfilled using Supply Locations and Haulers in the same geographical area as the delivery site.

Completing state motor fuels tax schedules and returns has the potential to be a labor-intensive project. The Electronic Tax Filing module for state motor fuels can collect the data needed for those schedules and tax returns. When ready you can instruct the module to generate the tax returns, file them electronically to the states that support it, and in all cases create the requisite tax documents in PDF format. Careful setup will be required, such as mapping your posting codes to FTA Tax Codes, assigning suppliers, customers and their locations to the appropriate tax jurisdictions, and setting all tax flags properly, but the payoff is enormous. An essential aspect of this development will be the ability of the users to make important updates, such as rate changes, without requiring intervention from ADD Systems.

E3 State Tax Information Maintenance

Each of these major enhancements will be available in ADD Energy E3 2012, scheduled to be released in early 2012. Note that Electronic Tax Filing requires not only the software, but also the metadata that defines the schedules and returns for each state. We expect to have 18 or 20 states configured with the first releases of E3 2012, with additional states coming on board as the year progresses.

For those who have upgraded to the most recent versions of E3 2011, you already have the benefits of more credit card charge types, including the popular enhancement to allow you to charge budget payments without needing to run Statements. We also added the ability to charge automatically scheduled deliveries (i.e., from Select Tickets) to the customer’s credit card as a direct result of running the Delivery Billing component.

Finally, look for eStore to offer major advancements, including the ability to place eStore software in the stores and communicate directly with the POS devices. You will also see support for Mix & Match Pricing in the eStore Pricebook, computerized ordering, and enhanced shift audit reporting with expanded exception management.

For details on where we are headed, and how it can benefit your operations, contact your ADD Systems sales representative or call our main number, 800-922-0972.

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