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April 26 , 2012

Microsoft issue regarding updates/patches that caused printing in landscape mode to be disabled in E3.


UPDATE: A Microsoft Hotfix is now available. MS12-025: Vulnerabilities in the .NET Framework could allow remote code execution


Microsoft updates that became available on April 10, 2012 have been found to cause several issues, including problems with printing. This issue affected many Windows based applications including our own Energy E3 product, but in addition other Windows products worldwide such as Turbo Tax were also affected. One of the printing problems manifested itself within our E3 product is the inability to print in landscape mode.

Once Microsoft was informed that this update caused this extensive amount of disruption, they pulled that update from their automatic updates. However, since some systems were already affected, ADD Systems has a solution for customerís that need to print E3 documents in landscape mode and cannot wait for Microsoft to come out with a permanent fix of their own.

Based on the respective operating systems, the updates that need to be uninstalled have been identified and are listed in the link provided below. The updates will need to be hidden to prevent them from being reinstalled automatically. Uninstalling these updates will allow printing in landscape mode.


If assistance is required in identifying the operating system or in removing the appropriate patches and hiding them, please contact Software Support.

Once Microsoft does publish a fix, ADD Systems can assist in reinstalling the appropriate patches.


Andy Katsigiannis
IT Department Specialist

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