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ADD Energy E3®

The Next Generation of Enterprise Software for the Energy Industry Has Arrived

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What is ADD Energy E3?

The ADD Energy E3 application provides energy distributors with a comprehensive information technology solution. The application includes modules for:

Accounts Receivable & Operations

ADD Systems has developed a vast array of billing options supported by credit and collection advice that is literally up-to-the minute. Billing comes in multiple forms: Invoicing, Statements, and Payment Plans: (Pre Buy, Capped, Budget and On-Installment)

Bookkeeping and Tax Reporting

The Accounts Receivable module maintains detailed transaction history for each customer. This yields a flawless audit trail that supports comprehensive tax reporting and database integrity. The wealth of stored transaction detail allows you to generate all manner of reports, including: Tax Reports, Import/Export Reports, Sales/Cash Journals, Transaction Search Reports, Audit Trail Reports and much more.

Credit & Collections

The Credit and Collections module of Accounts Receivable provides powerful tools for prompt billing. If your customers exceed, or are about to exceed their credit terms, accurate and carefully timed dunning letters can be sent automatically.

Enhanced Microsoft Dynamics Integration

ADD Energy E3 provides tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Purchase receipts can be sent from E3 to Dynamics GP using the accounts payable verification web services gateway. An application standing outside E3 provides an interface from E3 to the accounts payable capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Customer Locate & Display

The ADD Energy E3 Customer Locate & Display is as simple and elegant as any product in the market. If your employees are familiar with the user interface used within Microsoft Outlook they will find the customer locate and display module included in E3 extremely intuitive and easy to learn. Employees are able to see a 360 degree view of the customer beginning at the prospect stage:

  • Marketing data such as their current supplier
  • Fuel use profile
  • Important customer profile information

Once the prospect becomes a customer a simple “make them a customer process” can be performed and the 360 degree view begins to expand.

Delivery Management

The E3 Delivery Management package does more than compute the next delivery. It provides the control; analysis, forecasting and reporting needed to maximize productivity. E3 allows each customer to have one or more Delivery Locations. Each delivery site can use any option and is a completely independent location. For ease and accuracy, all billing is sent to one A/R account.

Delivery Dispatch

The ‘Select Ticket’ program contains a powerful, timesaving process called ticket assignment. ‘Select ticket’ can actually assign tickets to drivers based on their work schedule and capacity to deliver. The work schedule includes the driver’s workdays, maximum number of stops, and maximum number of loads. Drivers are linked to delivery centers, which are broad geographic areas to which you deliver. Each delivery center consists of several delivery zones, which are more-specific delivery areas. Within minutes, Select Tickets will “electronically bin” tickets for each driver in efficient routes. Not only does it include capacity to deliver, but also assigns tickets based on criteria that are most important to you such as run out, degree day the customer is due for delivery, phone order, and size of delivery. Tickets can then be printed for each driver or electronically downloaded to Raven™, the on-board truck computer. A dispatcher can manage more drivers in less time.

Service Management

The Service Management package addresses the total spectrum of service needs with multiple service sites for each customer. Each site develops its own history and has independent price, tax, and contract conditions. Important features include:

  • Electronic Date book
  • Electronic and Printed Work Orders
  • Electronic Dispatching Board
  • Inventory Control
  • Parts Warranty
  • Flexible Billing and Pricing
  • Pegasus® Service Monitor & Wireless Dispatch and Service Contracts

Service Dispatch

The interface between E3 and Pegasus for service calls are optionally dispatched using wireless technology to the Pegasus handheld computer in the service van. The service technician simply presses an in-transit button, which electronically notifies the dispatcher of the in-transit status, and the Pegasus Service Monitor automatically calculates an estimated time of arrival. When arriving on-site, the technician presses another button, which notifies the dispatcher. The dispatch monitor begins to track the on-site time and indicates if the service person is overdue based on the expected work duration. The Pegasus handheld can extend a flat rate point-of-sale invoice or print a job ticket.


The Warehouse Distribution Management System (WDMS) module provides companies with the ability to track the inventory of their entire operation. WDMS supports liquid inventory, point-of-sale, load tracking for transports, service parts, gasoline blending, and lubricant drumming. What's more,WDMS can send receipt information to ADD Systems Accounts Payable for invoice verification. This system is so flexible that it works for non-energy products, too, like ice cream, water, lumber - even catfish!

Each of these modules contains many menu levels and components that provide the functionality needed to meet the operational and financial concerns of an energy distribution company.

Beyond ADD Energy E3®

While ADD Energy E3 can stand alone, it can also serve as a hub, exchanging information with many other systems, some developed by ADD Systems®, others by third parties. These interfaces leverage the functionality of E3, and can in many cases automate procedures in E3 itself. The list of ADD products to which E3 interfaces is long and continually growing. The following is a partial listing:

  • Raven® - A mobile, wireless, hand-held computing system for delivery drivers.
  • Pegasus® - A mobile, wireless, hand-held computing system for service technicians.
  • Accounts Payable Interface – An application interface between E3 and third-party Accounts Payable systems, including Microsoft Dynamics-GP.
  • SmartConnect® - An API that provides direct access to the Energy E3 database so your customers can review information, and order deliveries and service via the Internet or telephony applications.
  • Credit Card Verification – Process credit card payments from your customers right in Energy E3, with real-time verification via any number of credit card clearing houses.
  • EFT Processing – Draft payments from your customers' financial institutions.

ADD Energy E3 also interfaces with many third-party products, of which the following is only a sample:

  • Onboard Meters – With or without Raven, Energy E3 can interface with the major onboard metering systems.
  • DTN – Automatic Price Book updates from the DTN network.
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange with service parts supply companies.
  • MS-MapPoint – Geo-code your customer addresses, find them on a map, show and optimize driver routes.
  • UPS Logistics – Optimize delivery routes.
  • RiMMS – Optimize delivery routes.

These lists, which constantly change, are presented here to clarify the point that ADD Energy E3 can play a central role in a comprehensive suite of computer solutions. When reading and learning about E3, keep in mind the potential to extend its capabilities by interfacing with these other products.



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