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January, 2019

Webinar: CSP - What's Eating Into Your Foodservice Margin?CSP Free Webinar


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Foodservice can be a profitable venture, but only if you keep a close eye on your margins. Join us on Sept. 13 for a free webinar, sponsored by CSP and ADD Systems, as we discuss ways to maximize your foodservice margins.

In the presentation, attendees will take a look at:

  1. Inventory management, including managing daily inventory, transfers between the store and food operation, and transfers between categories.
  2. Food prep/food-waste management, including a look at daypart sales to see what and when things sell to minimize waste and maximize profits.
  3. Foodservice ordering/purchasing, including managing automatic replenishment and handling suggested ordering based on sell-through.
  4. Item-receipt management, including arriving-inventory scanning with price-book verification.
  5. Recipe management, including portion control and recipe-cost accuracy.
  6. Increasing profits through better relationships with vendors.

You will come away from the webinar with clear ideas on how to maximize your foodservice profitability while keeping up with industry standards and federal guidelines.


Tracie Nall
Regional Sales Representative, ADD Systems
John Coyle
Sales Manager, ADD Systems
Email for more information.


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